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Change, American style
« on: May 26, 2014, 11:00:08 AM »
I copied this from the forum on ChnLuuuve. Kind of interesting this guy's experience on the K-1
Maybe things are a lot easier than what is the prevailing thought here.

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Posted: 21 Apr, 2014 07:00:38   Starter

Guys, I have been in the background for about 1.5 years. Met a woman in Beijing and it was a great match. My father got sick and died during this time and i am his only child so i helped him through the process. Which seriously side tracked my relationship with her. She waited patiently for me for an entire year before i could get back there to see her.

Here is a mind blower for you. I was told by USCIS and an immigration attorney that it would take almost a year to do the K-1. I was seriously bumming over that. I was told that we could do a K-3...but if we were denied we only had a chance at an appeal. If that went wrong we were dead meat. So, the attorney said do the K-1 first and it gives more options if something goes wrong.

Fast forward...We submitted the K-1 on Dec 5th, 2013. She has her appointment at the new consulate in Guangzhou on April 22. That is 4.5 months ...almost to the day. It just blows my mind. I am so excited i can barely think. I have visited her 6 times, thousands of emails, thousands of phone calls, proof up the yin-yang...

What changed? My wife died of breast cancer years ago. She was Russian so, i have done a k_1 before and it took 10 months. I am American so maybe your country does it a little different. Before you would submit k-1 and documentation and they would process it. After granting approval, your next step was the National Visa Center in Vermont. Then you had to submit your financials and support documents. Tax returns, banking statements, W-2, paychecks, on and on. That step has now disappeared.

Now, you send all of the financials to your sweetheart and she takes them to the interview. That knocked at least 3 months off of the torture. Within 2 weeks of getting the statement from USCIs that approval had been sent to Guangzhou she got a letter from them telling her to get her police report and medical clinic report done.
So, things have changed markedly. 4.5 months to the day almost. Blows my mind. Thought i would share with you guys. Because being deeply in love and having our governments torture us for a year is just unbelievably difficult. I understand why they do it. But it does not make the wait any easier. God bless all of you who are trying to bring your woman home. I did hire a chinese attorney in Oakland because i was worried about my previous K-1 being a problem. Even though she died of breast cancer i was not sure how they would interpret it...