Author Topic: My latest visit for my niece's wedding day.  (Read 386 times)

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My latest visit for my niece's wedding day.
« on: September 22, 2017, 02:07:46 PM »
I visited Shenyang, a so- called 2nd tier city, in the north- east of China (the city population was above 6 million on the 2010 census... very sizable by U.S. stats). My wife's niece was married on the 9th. It was a very enjoyable visit.. I got to meet just about all my Chinese relatives, something like somewhere 300, maybe up to 350 or so family & extended family members (I am curious about the application of China's “one child” policy. The older generation have large families. As it is, my wife has 2 children. On her 2nd pregnancy, she was told to abort or return to her parents farm near Fushun. Fushun is not far from Shenyang).

Of course, those of us that married in China, it is a state affair, something like 10 minutes or so if I recollect. The later Chinese traditional marriage has the formality of extravagance. Usually. Kind of funny, I was impressed with my reception, but it was bare bones in comparison with my niece's. For those who can view the pics, the reception facility was like a Hollywood production. Very impressive! First, the immediate family members convened at my nieces home. We proceeded to the reception hall, a white Maserati followed by a fleet of red Mazdas. The wedding was as grand as anything we have here in the States... the bride in a beautiful white wedding dress accompanied be her husband. The fathers waiting. A little difference in formalities than enjoyed in the West.
The reception was a huge feast of all foods, enjoyable gastronomic delights (I did not enjoy the Chine booze... it tastes as if were distilled laboratory alcohol). Being the husband of Jing, the bride's aunt, I was financially responsible for the so- called “Red Envelope” (s), as one envelope is the wedding present and the other is for the groom. Expensive but necessary with “China face”. It must of worked.. my wife was approached by other women (married) on how they can get an American husband. Kind of funny for we Westerners, but money talks in China.   
Two days later our family affair returned to our family's home town in Fushun. We enjoyed a very prolonged lunch/ dinner, mid- day, just having fun, taking pictures, messing with each other. My family has a great sense of humor. I am sure all Chinese do. Chinese are very homogeneous.. they get along well with each other.
(On the streets, motor bike lanes, the sidewalks <as in Changsha, 2009> I have never witnessed road rage in any of my ventures in China.)

Anyway, we stayed on the 25th floor of a hotel adjacent to the busy pedestrian Taiyuan North Street. In one of the pics shows a north view including a bullet train in the bottom center.
China is a busy place. Hotel costs are variable depending on one's comfort level.  Getting out & about, the food is high quality at cheap prices. I have had 'street food' which would be considered gourmet in the States. It is that good!  My 'fast train' (Bullett) was 5 hours between Being & Shenyang. My 1st class ticket (not very 1st class) cost me $36. There is a Walmart near the main Shenyang train station, not far from our hotel. I hate Walmart in the States, but this Walmart (they bought existing stores & re- flagged their brand), is like the same size footprint but three stories high. An amazing variety of goods. It's interesting. I think maybe Tripadvisor should add Walmart to their "things- to- do". That would be funny, but even the China Walmarts are interesting to visit.
I was able to view "YouTube", I thought that was not doable in China.

All is well with my China family this time of being.
As for me, I'm back in the "Twilight Zone".
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Re: My latest visit for my niece's wedding day.
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2017, 12:48:30 PM »
Glad you had a good time and those photos are great. I will be going back over hopefully next year and visit all the in-laws.

I plan to stay longer than I have on my previous trips and do some sight-seeing around China this trip.
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Re: My latest visit for my niece's wedding day.
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2017, 10:23:37 PM »

(On the streets, motor bike lanes, the sidewalks <as in Changsha, 2009> I have never witnessed road rage in any of my ventures in China.)

I have studied hundreds of Road Rage videos on youtube 97% are from the USA. I can see the problem.  It is moustaches.  Not small ones but those that cover the top lip them head south from each side of the lips down below the chin line. Bit like Paul snr from OCC and we know how it has given him a short fuse on his temper.

The vaste majority of those giving one finger up (I still prefer the Olde English two fingers up myself) or giving a great deal of nonsensical verbal to others have this affliction on  their facial features.

Even those standing toe to toe and trading slaps are not immune from it.

You see that the Chines are not in favour of such facial adornments which is why they do not react to the bad driving of others.

So in the interest of safety on the roads of the USA lets hope Trump will finally get through a bit of legislation that bans drivers from the roads whist sporting these outdated facial features.


PS Full well groomed beards are excused.
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